Located in the Nicoya Peninsula, one of 5 blue zones on the planet, Nosara – a global community – has become a mix of diverse languages and energies that merge into one thing: wellbeing. It is no coincidence that this town is considered an international yoga and world-class retreat destination that offers a connection of the body and mind with the zone’s formidable tropical landscape.


Acquarello Nosara is a residential project that celebrates the beauty of nature and the dialogue between architecture and landscape. Located in the vibrant town of Nosara, the project offers a variety of amenities including a co-working area, swimming pools, gym and a community garden, all of which aim to foster a sense of community and connection with nature. The homes are carefully designed with natural materials such as stone and wood to blend in with the surrounding jungle environment, offering a unique and immersive user experience. Living at Acquarello Nosara offers residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, enjoy the Nosara lifestyle and surf and experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

Master Plan Nosara 16 residences




Each and every boutique residence in Acquarello Nosara is a modern interpretation of tropical architecture. The warmth of the wood, the freshness of the stone and the honesty of the concrete comingle with the exuberance of the surroundings, the generous floor-to-ceiling heights and the abundant natural light.

Acquarello Nosara Dining Room
Acquarello Nosara Dining Room


In Acquarello Nosara the wood embraces every space. Inside its harmonic texture hides the fresh jungle breeze.

Acquarello Nosara Terrace with pool and fire pit area
Acquarello Nosara Terrace with pool and fire pit area


Inspired in nature, Acquarello Nosara’s architecture allows for an immediate connection with mother nature.

Acquarello Nosara Bathroom
Acquarello Nosara Bathroom


A feeling of equilibrium and harmony defines the experience of the spaces.

Acquarello Nosara Gym
Acquarello Nosara Gym


Amenities such as the fully-equipped gym invoke movement and well-being.


The co-working lounge welcomes work as remote and pleasantly as possible. Productivity to the fullest.

Acquarello boutique residences
Acquarello boutique residences






Down payment: 60%
Closing: 40%


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Located in the Nicoya Peninsula, one of 5 blue zones on the planet, Nosara – a global community – has become a mix of diverse languages and energies that merge into one thing: wellbeing. It is no coincidence that this town is considered an international yoga and world-class retreat destination that offers a connection of the body and mind with the zone’s formidable tropical landscape.

Gastronomic options abound to achieve a balanced and exquisite nutrition, where sophisticated vegan and organic alternatives are an integral part of the extraordinary menu. Even so, the area’s major attraction is the beach – one of the reasons why the surfing culture is felt across ages and nationalities, manifesting itself from sunrise to sunset.


150 meters East of Paseo del Sol Condominium, Section L.


Nosara, Guanacaste

FAQ'S about Nosara

We are just as captivated as you are by Nosara’s beauty and charm! This special area in Costa Rica attracts thousands of new visitors and permanent residents each year, not only because of the waves, seclusion, and incredible peace found here, but also because of the community’s dedication to wildlife and the ongoing projects that involve expats, locals, and advocates in preservation efforts.

Acquarello Nosara is fully aware of the environment in which we are developing, the challenges faced by the local community, and the importance of taking responsibility within our scope and principles. Our goal is to build not only amazing residences with all the amenities you can dream of but also a conscious project that allows our residents to be an integral part of this community culture.

The following FAQ section will guide you, whether you are a Nosara inhabitant or a potential investor/resident in Acquarello Nosara, through the answers to the most common concerns.

Our approach to

  • Before construction, all our projects undergo the necessary studies required by government entities, as well as our own analyses to determine land use, soil conditions, water viability, waste management, and environmental impact. 
  • As of now, Acquarello Nosara has received approval for water availability from the corresponding ASADA, an Environmental Feasibility Study by SETENA, and preliminary project and master plan approval from the Municipality of Nicoya. 
  • The construction permits, both for the model unit and for the entire project, are currently being processed, so no construction works have taken place at this time.

We have obtained the Environmental Feasibility Study, granted in Costa Rica by SETENA. This study covers geotechnical, hydrological, and biodiversity analyses, which conclude that, according to the technical criteria of the corresponding government entities, the project coexists respectfully with the environment and wildlife of the district, complying with the Organic Environmental Law and the General Law of Public Administration of Costa Rica, among others. Additionally, we have privately conducted a forest study to determine the best methods for reforesting the surrounding ecosystem.

Following the Environmental Feasibility Study, which determined that the aquifers are not vulnerable to the project, and a study endorsed by AYA, we have processed and obtained water availability for the project.
This great news comes with our commitment to work hand in hand with the ASADA of Playas de Nosara to implement improvements in works and infrastructure that will allow better water management in the area. The construction permits for such improvements to the community infrastructure are currently being processed.

According to The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AYA)’ studies, the main residential water consumption is for vegetation irrigation. Acquarello Nosara will use underground BIONEST treatment plants to treat wastewater, making it suitable for reuse in irrigation.

According to AYA estimations based on actual residential consumption, a pool of the size proposed in the project represents only 3% of the total water used. To put it into perspective, vegetation irrigation and shower usage far exceed this figure. Nonetheless, we are committed to reducing water consumption through various actions:

  • We are currently analyzing the feasibility of filling the pools with rainwater treated to quality standards.
  • The minerals used for maintenance will allow the water to be used for over 9 months.
  • These points, along with pool covers and daily vacuuming, will greatly minimize maintenance requirements.

We understand the community’s concerns about debris disposal and the growing threat of illegal dumping in Nosara. Therefore, our Acquarello construction team is committed to transporting debris only to official landfills with up-to-date permits and the capacity to properly dispose of waste. Additionally, our construction department will keep records of these actions through receipts or tickets.

We are thrilled to work hand in hand with Nosara Recicla, a non-profit organization that has been responsible for the collection and management of recyclable waste in the district since 2008. 

  • The collection service by the Nosara Recicla Collection Center will be covered and paid for all residences during the first year. 
  • We firmly believe that education is the first step to bring about change in society, so all our residents will receive digital educational materials on waste separation. 
  • Other efforts in this alliance include repairing the Center’s truck and the participation of our operational team in volunteering programs.

One of the reasons to fall in love with Nosara is that wherever you look, someone is working to improve the community. We are grateful to form alliances with them.

  • We are immediate neighbors to the Forest Reserve of the Nosara Civic Association (NCA), which has been protecting over 250 hectares rich in wildlife for over 50 years. Currently, besides being members and getting involved in their mission, we are planning joint projects to ensure the conservation and continuity of the secondary forest for future generations.
  • Another environmental commitment is to support Costas Verdes, a non-profit organization that has been restoring coastal ecosystems through reforestation projects since 2009. It was so inspiring to volunteer with them a few months ago!
  • We are also working on an alliance with an NGO in town dedicated to wildlife preservation. Stay tuned!

Our construction team is committed to providing periodic maintenance to the stretch of road between National Route 160 and the Acquarello Nosara property whenever the transit of our machinery could damage it. This will be accomplished using ballast dump trucks and backhoes to keep the road in good condition.

We hope this information gives you a broader understanding of Acquarello Nosara and our enthusiasm about being a part of this community. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by clicking here! 


Nosara is the ideal place in Guanacaste, in Costa Rica and, it could be said, in the world. Because of its tropical nature, vibes and momentum, Acquarello Nosara opens up the space to be, live and grow.

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